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MBT Sport II Black - Women's


  • Product Code: MBT632

Inspired by the Masai Tribe, MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) is a range of footwear which reestablishes natural conditions of standing and walking.

Using a multi layered sole, MBT transforms flat, hard, artificial surfaces into natural, uneven ground. Much like walking in sand, the unique uplifting lever spring action of the MBT sole challenges the core strengthening muscles to be more active. This reactive, more supportive muscle action creates good posture and increases shock absorption for all the joints, significantly reducing muscular-skeletal compression.

Benefits of MBT:

  • Strengthens & tones muscles in the feet, legs, buttocks, stomach, and back
  • Increases muscle activity & circulation
  • Relieves muscular tension, back and joint problems
  • Leads to a relaxed upright posture and stride

Because MBTs continuously work your muscles and activate neglected ones, you'll find your body changing for the better.

MBT's unique patented curved layered sole lengthens the body into an upright posture and encourages use of neglected muscle groups. Walking or jogging in MBT footwear engages weakened muscles and burns more calories, thus helping to efficiently tone and strengthen. Even while standing the muscles continue working to gain a center of balance.